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I start my website entry by invite you to download the following executable wifiupload_en.msi. And, I continue assuming you downloaded it.

Next, you type the name of the wifiupload service which is wifiupload. The following image should be shown on your screen after your agree with the unknown editor and firewall warning.

You should land here:

The most difficult thing for uninformed user to do is to type the http://digits(dot)digits(dot)digits(dot)digits/ to the domain name bar at the top of the smartphone browser. The browser can be safari, edge or chrome according your smartphone is Apple, Microsoft or Android manufactured.

Once you did the previous action, the following screen should appear on your smartphone:

If you follow the instructions, and I hope nothing wrong happens, the file you sent is available on your desktop computer in the windows Downloads directory. On the picture screenshot, mine is c:\users\franc\Downloads

In the previous picture, the service received a file whose filename begin with the word VID. It's a movie file whose size is approximately 80 MB.

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